"See Yourself" an excerpt from The Berni Experience


“Have you ever looked at a painting or a photograph that made you feel something deep inside? It was like that artwork was speaking directly to your heart and soul. Well, that’s what people mean when they say that art, the gazing upon it or the creation itself can provide a ‘window to the soul.’ Individuals can use their creativity to capture emotions, thoughts, and the essence of who they are. When they create images, be it painting, sculptures, photos or whatever they can express themselves with, it’s like they’re opening a window into their own souls and sharing their unique perspectives with the world.

Just like when writers write stories and express themselves through words, artists use colors, shapes, and other elements to express their own feelings and thoughts. They pour their emotions into their creations, and when we look at those images, we can feel what they felt. It’s almost like having a conversation with their soul.

Art has a magical way of connecting people and making us feel understood. When we look at these images, we can see beyond what meets the eye. We can explore different emotions, understand different stories, and even find parts of ourselves reflected in the art. So, when someone says that the creation of images or any other art forms, provides a ‘window to the soul,’ they mean that it allows us to glimpse into the depths of someone’s inner world, their thoughts, and their emotions. It’s a beautiful way for artists to share their unique experiences and for us to connect with them on a deep and meaningful level.”

Our subconscious is like a hidden treasure chest filled with thoughts, feelings, and ideas that we might not even be aware of in our waking life. It’s like a' Secret Garden' inside our minds. And just like dreams, some images can unlock the doors to this ‘Secret Garden’.

Artists-and we all can be artists- have developed a special talent for tapping into their own subconscious and bringing it to life through their creations. When they make these images, they’re not always trying to show us something obvious or literal. Instead, they dive deep into their own minds and let their imagination run wild.

At IFAC you might find paintings or photographs that seem strange, surreal, or dreamlike. They might have unusual shapes, colors, or objects that you wouldn’t see in the real world. These images can transport us to a different reality, where our subconscious thoughts and emotions come to life. And when we look at these artworks, it’s like going on an adventure into the unknown. They can make us wonder, ask questions, and even feel a little bit puzzled. That’s because they’re tapping into our own subconscious too, unlocking parts of our imagination that we might not have explored before.

Sometimes, these images can make us think about our own dreams, fears, and desires. They can spark our creativity and help us imagine new possibilities. Just like a puzzle, we can try to piece together the hidden meanings and messages within these images, creating our own interpretations.  

So, when we say that some images provide a glimpse into the subconscious, we mean that they invite us to explore the magical realm of dreams, thoughts, and emotions that live inside each of us. They encourage us to think beyond the ordinary and discover the extraordinary within ourselves. It can be a wonderful way to nurture our imagination and encourage our own artistic expression.

- Berni Laplante

Image: Windy Ombu by Garcia Uriburu Nicolas